An Experienced Consumer Protection Attorney in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Whether you are looking to hire an experienced attorney, or you just want information, I invite you to contact my office. Some questions can be easily answered by clicking on the subject area tabs on this page. Other questions can be answered over the phone in a few minutes. Other questions cannot be answered until an investigation is done and we sit down together to discuss your options. In any event, there is absolutely no charge or obligation for the consultation. We welcome the opportunity to help.

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I grew up in Hawaiʻi and have over 35 years experience as an attorney.

I intentionally keep a small caseload, so I can devote the time that each case deserves. I do the vast majority of the work on my clients’ cases. I do not “pass it off” to a younger, less-experienced attorney in my office. I use technology to “level the playing field” with big insurance companies.

I will work with you to find out what happened in your case. We will sit down together so I can explain your options, so you can make a good decision about whether or not to make a claim. You may decide you do not want to go forward. That is OK. If you decide you want to go forward with a claim, and I agree it is a valid claim, I will represent you. You will not have to pay me anything unless I achieve a recovery for you. I will be glad to send you a sample fee agreement if you want to look it over before making any decisions.

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